Monday, January 27, 2014

Manor Monday {Foyer & Flowers}

I have a giant goose egg to report on the basement progress. Neither Hubby nor I did a single thing I listed as last weeks goals. Rather than sort & clean, label & paint we spent our time in the basement shooting baskets, running miles, giving airplane rides in the jumpy and reading countless stories cuddled on the couch…. time much wiser spent. I do have some decorating changes to share, which are prettier to look at anyway. 

In the foyer, I switched up the mirrored console table decor. It is much more reflective of this homes style. Cream, gold & gray work so well in this space. Throw in a little blue & white for good measure and I'm slowly but surely cracking the code of just how I want to decorate this house….it only took 4 years. 

I stumbled across these pen & ink house drawings at a local store. With their gold leaf frames & black mats I knew they would be perfect for our home. They first lived on the bookshelf in the office before being moved to the hallway leading from the foyer to the kitchen. Now hung one above the other in the under the staircase, I think they have found their permemant home.  

I still can not wait to have the stairs and railings painted, but this quick vignette switch has me smiling every time I walk by. Isn't it amazing how you can change the whole feel of a space by creating new pairings from accessories you already own? Shopping your house is the best design tip of all. 

And while we are on the subject of design tips & accessorizing lets talk fresh flowers. They can take a space from drab to fab, but sadly the trick isn't permanent and you are back to a blank space in a few short days. A few varieties last longer like spray roses pictured in my living room below, but generally speaking fresh cut flowers aren't winners in the longevity department. 

Enter the solution: potted flowers. For the same price as fresh cut blooms, you can purchase a potted plant that will give you weeks of beauty.  This month I began adding to our collection of potted blooms throughout the house. It all began with the paperwhites & poinsettias from Christmas that are still decorating the living and dining room.  

In our master bedroom I planted a $4 hyacinth in a clear compote dish. The scent is intoxicating. 

In the family room, buttery tulips tower over the coffee table hinting that it isn't too much longer until spring arrives.

A quick shot of the new family room mantel and the fireplace screen finally in painted…thanks Hubby:)

And finally, white orchids take center stage on the kitchen table. I saw this arrangement in a pottery barn catalog and realized I had the perfect "bowl" to recreate the look.

 After two weeks the blooms are still going strong and I'm crossing my fingers my black thumb might just be changing.

The littles are home from school today and tomorrow on account of the arctic temps and brutal winds outside. Having a house full of flowers lifts your spirits on frigid days…even if you are sipping hot cocoa while admiring your tulips! 

Anyone else on the potted flower bandwagon? Any tips for turning a black thumb green? 


  1. I force hyacinths all Winter long, just something that helps combat the Winter blues a bit! Your house looks so pretty with the different varieties throughout!

  2. I just added potted flowers to my shopping list. They really do brighten up a home during Winter!

  3. They all look beautiful! Fresh flowers make all the difference for me ~



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