Saturday, January 4, 2014

Christmas Lovelies {My Favorite Gifts}

I was suppose to be at a girls weekend in the city with Besties J & T, but poor Peanut work me up at 5am with a "stomach bug". Hubby is more than able to handle the 3 littles alone for the night, but a sick kiddo is another story. So at home I am and I figured I would squeeze in a quick post about my favorite Christmas gifts I received this year.

My lil bro and his wife gifted us these gorgeous agate coaster set. I love, love, love them. To me they resemble petrified wood and I can't get enough of them. They are quite fragile & not toddler proof so for now they live in the box.

YiaYia & Bopi gave me a fabulous new Kate Spade satchel. It is the perfect size for toting around a sippy, extra diapers & a few toys. It is a crossbody bag to boot so it is easy to remain hands free while shopping (i.e.: corralling children).

Hubby's parents clearly know the key to a happy marriage…. lots of wine! They gifted us a case of this divine Malbec, which I enjoyed with dinner this evening.

And finally, my favorite gift of all tickets to see Garth Brooks on tour!!! Hubby has been on a waiting list for months to be one of the first in line to purchase tickets once the tour dates are released.

Garth hasn't toured in 13 years so this is going to be quite spectacular. At NYE Besties H & B already committed to coming to the show with us…now we just need to know where we are traveling to see him.

Hope you all had a few fabulous surprised under the tree as well!


  1. How exciting! Garth is of the best concerts I've attended. You'll love it!! Happy New Year to you and yours!

  2. Sick husbands are the WORST! I would rather have three sick kids than one sick hubby!

    Happy New Year!!

  3. You must have been a great girl last year! Such beautiful gifts and yay for Garth tickets! Nothing better than having a fun concert to look forward to! And, I love that bag!


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