Wednesday, November 14, 2012

I'm A Snob

I'll admit it....when it comes to toilet paper only the best will do. Triple layered, quilted, aloe infused....wrap it all up in one and I'm a happy gal. The tissue-paper, thin stuff just drives me bonkers. As my lil guy would say in the sweetest, grossed out voice, "disgustiling"!

But recent events have had me rethinking the TP issue.
I continue to find aforementioned lil guy's latest pastime:

And a few minutes later:

Now I can't say he is alone is the game. His older sister sent this down the toilet a few months ago.

Yes an ENTIRE roll....said she was just curious if it would go down. (And for those of you wondering, it did.) 

So you may find the "disgustiling" toilet paper in my bathrooms in the near future. No I haven't budged on my moral objection to it.......just ask me where the good stuff is stashed, I'm happy to share.

So, what kind of Snob are you? 

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