Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Best Laid Plans

My plan was to only post once today but look what happened as we unloaded our Thanksgiving goodies at YiaYia & Bopi's house:
Against my better judgement, I let Peanut (attempt to) carry the plate in from the car.

Yep, those are the acorn doughnuts from this afternoon's post.

All that work into the garbage. Poor Belle cried.

And here is poor Tom after the 10 minute car ride in Belle's care.
His once flawless complexion is battered and bruised, an eye is missing and beak half broke.

Oh well, there is always next year:) I'm off to ebay now to hunt down a replacement for the brown toile plate that housed the acorn doughnuts. It was part of a set that was handed down to me from my grandma...saddest of all to see that broken. It could have been worse though. Anyone else had a day like this?

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