Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Thanksgiving Prep.

Operation Turkey Day Prep has commenced. Here are a few photos from our goings & doings this morning. We are off to YiaYia & Bopi's house for cooking, baking & merry making this afternoon. Happy Pre-Turkey Day:)
Yes crazy me went to the grocery store the day before Thanksgiving with 3 kids.
 I then had to return to said grocery store upon discovering I had left my wallet at home...way to go me.

Back home we made doughnut hole acorns & I quickly (5 minutes tops) whipped up Tom the Turkey from Bear's old Halloween pumpkin and half a pear.

My aren't you observant. Yes, that is Christmas decor in the background. 

Tom is such a handsome fellow. Grape kabob feathers, 1/2 pear head,
broccoli eyes, cheddar beak & carrot wattle.

Acorn doughnut holes: glazed cake doughnut,
melted chocolate, chocolate sprinkles & pretzel stick.

Loved having Belle & Peanut home from school today.

I'll be back tomorrow with a post about something I am whole-heartedly thankful for.

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