Thursday, November 22, 2012

A Girl's Best Friends

The B Family before Bear's baptism this summer.
I think about how blessed I am all the time. I have a husband who adores me, laughs with me, tolerates me and most of all helps me be a better person. I have three beautiful children who think the world of me, love me unconditionally and truly believe I can do no wrong. I have supportive, amazing parents who mean more to me with every passing day. And a charismatic, passionate brother who is starting a new amazing chapter in his life and I couldn't be happier for him .

Today though I want to write about three special women in my life. On nearly a daily basis I think how thankful I am to have besties H & B. We met each other 6 short years ago in a Mommy & Me music class and as the years pass we've grown closer and closer. We've seen each other through blessings like new babies, new homes, and new jobs. And though times such as the loss of beloved family members, miscarriages, and the trials and tribulations of marriage & motherhood. I honestly can say these two women are rocks I depend on time and time again. And the most amazing part about our friendship is that it there is no jealousy or competition amongst us. We delight in one another's successes and don't let petty things cloud our relationship. Around here, that is a rare find...a true diamond and one I hope to have for a lifetime. Thank you B & H for being such genuine friends.

Bestie B, Me, Bestie H

Now I simply couldn't talk about my best friends without mentioning my bff since 6th grade, J. She is a single gal in the big city, while I'm the suburban, stay-at-home mom...our lives couldn't be more different, but our bond is unbreakable. She is my most trusted confidant, loyal beyond belief and the most courageous woman I know.  J is an inspirational reminder to make your life what it is you want it to be no matter the cards life deals you. And perhaps most important of all, she has a heart that is made of 100% pure gold...I kid you not! When I saw this quote it summarized our friendship to a tee:
Source: pinterest
And here she is with Bear at his baptism:

So this Thanksgiving I am beyond grateful for the life long gift of true friendship. A true diamond, and after all that's a girl's best friend!
Happy Thanksgiving!

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