Thursday, November 29, 2012

Deer Hunting

I try hard to reuse the same Christmas decorations year after year. This year though, I had to get my hands on a couple of deer figurines that are gracing homes all over the blogosphere. Thinking this would be relatively inexpensive was my first mistake. And then thinking it would be a simple task was my second.

A google search turned up a few results with pretty steep price tags (well maybe not steep, just more than I was willing to pay). So a trip to Home Good & Hobby Lobby were the next in line. Taking three kiddos to the store at 3 pm should be a breeze. But when said stores are JAM packed with Christmas shoppers (apparently all shopping for Christmas decor) things get a little hairy.

At Home Goods we struck out, but at Hobby Lobby we hit glitter & gold! I proudly brought home 4 deer to try out & have found a home for each one of them. To boot, they were each 50% off and cost a whopping $42 total. That is a little over 1/2 the price of 1 online deer. I am one happy huntress (on a side note, this is as close to "deer hunting" as you'll ever see me get).

This buck found a home on the living room coffee table

This is one of a pair of Deer on the family room mantle

This glittery man greets visitors in the foyer

A few more projects to finish & then my Christmas decorating will be complete & ready to share.
How is your decorating coming along? Any Christmas decor bandwagon you had to jump on?

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