Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Disney Apparel

When Hubby & I decided to tag Disney onto our Florida beach vacation, off my little fingers ran to etsy looking for outfits. Holy cow do the get pricey. After I decided that I don't want to spend nearly $100 a day just outfitting my little ones, it was time to figure out how I could go about making them myself.

So enter $3.00 worth of fabric from Hobby Lobby. An entire evening spent tracing, cutting and ironing. And TADA, you've got Disney Duds. I simply couldn't pass up the opportunity to create a monogram. This set features each kiddie's first initial and is for Day 1 at Hollywood studios.  

I spotted these shorts clearance at the Gap and had to have them for the boys. I just can not get enough of this pairing…

Madras + Monogram + Mickey =  Magical

For Magic Kingdom it is red seersucker and Mickey silhouettes. The outfits are from Chez Ami & I simply attached the appliqué with steam seam & opted not to press them on. This way, after the trip I can remove the appliqués and use the outfits for another event. 

Belle requested a Mini Mouse shirt so that is exactly what she'll be wearing to Epcot on Day 3. And the boys' Mickey shirts are just too much for me right now. I'm pretty sure I'll be swooning over my little gents all day in these tees.

And on the off chance it is chilly in the evenings, I adorned a couple plain hoodies with Mickey's emblem (thanks Amanda @ Dixie Delights for the inspiration).

The cost for all 3 days' shirts (excluding the hoodies) totaled nearly the same as one etsy shirt. To be fair though, these shirts are not stitched. To me that is ok. I am not a character person and it is doubtful I would put the kids in these outside of a Disney Park. I want a memorable look for that day and not a quality heirloom. So this route works for my purpose. 

If anyone else wants to give it a whirl, here is the product I used and all the tees came from Old Navy or Target.  If you do create something, I would love to see it so please post a note in the comments below. Fingers crossed for nice weather or else all my hard work will be covered up by jackets or ponchos.


  1. cute cute cute! Mine wear their hoodies every day! well, not now that it's 80 degrees out, but you know what I mean :-)

  2. I love what you did, these are all so cute! You've got skills girl!


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