Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Backyard Repurposing

One of the features that sold us on our home was the small amount of grass in the backyard. Our prior home had a large backyard and Hubby has never been a fan of yard work. So, the appeal of "low maintenance perennial gardens" sounded great to us. 

Now that we've been in the house nearly 3 years, we have come to realize two things:
  1. The words garden & low maintenance should never be in the same sentence. 
  2. With three kiddos we need more grass. We backup to a large open green space, which we though would be a perfect place for the kids to run & play but they still are too young to be without adult supervision.

We've already eliminated two flower beds, one was actually dead smack in the middle of the yard folks! Now we have plans to size this bed down by nearly half providing 4.5 more feet of play space. 
Originally, the thought was to place our veggie garden here, but I decided upon an alternate location. 

Now you can see how there will be a nice stretch of grass for ball pitching, tag playing & slip'n sliding.

As for the garden, the spot below receives adequate sun, an already defined boarder & is close to a water spigot. Our yard guy actually showed up yesterday and I had him clear this bed of the three blah plants that occupied this space. Now it is a clean slate. Guess that means I need to get down to business. Hopefully the warm weather is hear to stay & we can get our veggies in the ground Mother's Day weekend when we traditional do all our planting. 


  1. I love your backyard. Still want to trade houses! Big Beanie Boo party Saturday at my house, per your inspiration! Yay! Still have to make those party hats...did you make them and have the girls decorate? Sorry for all the party questions but seriously - I am copying you - I need to pay you a fee ;)

    1. You are such a doll Jessica! As for the party hats, yes the girls decorated them as the party activity/ craft. It ate up around 20 minutes of time. You're kind words are all the payment I need. I am just over the moon knowing I helped another Mom make her little girl's birthday dream come true. Have a wonderful party and I can't wait to hear all about it.



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