Monday, April 15, 2013

Vacation Day 1 {Sawgrass Marriott}

After a 2 day car trip across 6 states we arrived in Ponte Vedra, FL at the Marriott Sawgrass much to Hubby and Bopi's delight. Since I am not a very good golfer the thrill of it all was a bit over my head, but I did enjoy watching them go on and on about the awe of it all.


We promptly checking into our room and the little ones were almost immediately into their swimsuits and ready for the beach. We called for the shuttle bus and in less than 20 minutes we were on the beach  with sand between our toes and waves crashing behind us.

The kiddies went to town digging in the sand, searching for seashells and hurdling over waves and quickly hours passed. Hubby took Peanut for a dip in the pool before announcing it was time to head back to the hotel. Peanut decided to launch a protest as he wasn't at all happy to leave and our sweet Belle stepped in to console him. She effectively convinced him that our days of beach fun had only just begun. Pacified, we all boarded the shuttle bus for the ride back.

At the hotel we showered and dolled ourselves up for a night out at a local seafood restaurant Aqua Grill.  If you find yourself in  Ponte Verda I would definitely recommend grabbing a bite here. The restaurant was resort caliber so not exactly kid friendly, but the staff was welcoming and more than accommodating to our needs. 

We were smartly seated in the corner of a room off the main dining area…a location that worked out swimmingly as the little ones were bundles of energy that night. Eventually our meals arrived and we feasted on everything from crab cakes to shrimp to salmon. Even Bear couldn't get enough of his Mahi-Mahi.

I am still swooning over my delectable locally caught Triggerfish topped with roasted tomato and fresh basil beurre blanc, blue crabmeat, and seared grilled shrimp. It was served alongside whipped garlic potatoes and asparagus.  It was simply out of this world. 

And although it isn't edible,  I drooled at the sight of this iridescent work of art. It had to be every bit 5 feet tall and full of glorious capiz shells. If only I could have ordered this off the menu.

Since most of the evening we had been taking turns "walking" Bear around the restaurant (thank goodness for the little guy pictured below…he was mesmerizing to the kiddies) we opted for dessert to go. Back in the room we sampled key lime pie, creme brûlée, chocolate cake & pecan tart before passing out from exhaustion. Nothing but sand, surf & sun in the morning!

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