Friday, April 5, 2013

Why the bad rap?

I have quite a bit of first hand experience with painting cabinets. I spent and entire week painstakingly painting all the cabinets in the kitchen of Hubby & my first home. I painted each bathroom vanity in that home as well. And each time I used a latex based cabinet paint.

For my most recent cabinet project I ventured into the unknown realm of oil based paint. WOW what a difference. I absolutely loved working with it and the near enamel like finish is fabulous. I'm not quite sure why the negative press (other than the environmental issues). Clean up was quite simple and since I was working on the space a few hours each night, waiting 24 hrs between coats was no problem. I also had no odor issues.

If you have a cabinet or door paint job in your future, I highly recommend giving oil based paint a whirl. Just remember, once something has been painted with oil based paint it can not be covered with a latex paint.  Happy painting!

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