Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Front Door Color Combo…Cast Your Vote.

You may recall this post back in February where I mentioned the idea of painting the front door. Well now that the weather is warmer, it is time to take some action. Above is a shot of our current color scheme. I reviewed my pinterest exterior board and found that I gravitated towards simple tonal color schemes…pretty much the same as my interior. (Sorry for the grainy photo quality.)

After some research, I narrowed my choice down to the following:

I stopped in to SW to grab samples since all I had seen to this point was online & this gorgeous color jumped out at me. 

It has just a hint of mint and I am obsessed. Can not get it out of my head. And the three of these together is pure heaven. I might even be in love enough to sandblast the brick shoji white in the relatively near future. 

My current dilemma is what color combo to choose. Here is a close up of the current door:

Do I go dark with urban bronze trim & the comfort gray door? My concern there is that the brass of the door and mint tones in the grey might look even more 80's than the orange oak. 

Or do I stick with my original plan and paint the trim shoji white, door urban bronze & then incorporate comfort gray via pots/planters?

Let me know your thoughts. The weather is still too wet for painting so I've got a little bit of time to mull this one over. I certainly am chomping at the bit to get started though.


  1. This is so weird!! As soon as I saw this post-I immediately thought 'front door - urbane bronze!' No kidding! Love the white trim and u.b. door!

    Add some flower pots with some color next to your door (on either side) and it will look fab.!

    1. You know what they say, "Great Minds…"

  2. My personal opinion-old people paint front doors and shutters white. Def do the trim white and door a darker color :-)

  3. Sorry-I am being a pest. I would also add more white flowers around the garage area to balance out your white front door trim.

  4. I think I like the original plan! Your house is beautiful!


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