Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Vacation Day 2 {Pool & Ponte Vedra Resort}

***My prayers and thoughts are with those injured in yesterday's horrific bombing. The three victims who tragically lost their lives are now Heaven's newest angels.*** 

Despite the slight chill in the air, Hubby slapped swimsuits on Belle & Peanut immediately after breakfast and they headed off to the pool. With the suite quite & empty Bear proceeded to take a much needed nap. While I took the opportunity to finalize some last minute Disney details; we will be there in only 2 days! 

Once Bear awoke well rested and full of smiles, we ventured over to the pool. Earlier in the morning Hubby & I were discussing the romantic notion of living in a warmer climate. As I made the short trip from our room to the main pool, a tiny lizard passed right over the top of my sandal wearing feet. I was freaked out for a moment, but as a child we had a pet chameleon (Bud) so I quickly regained my composure. 

A few minutes later, it took everything I had in me to swallow the scream coming from the back of my throat as snake slithered across the walk way just millimeters away from my feet. I don't know what possessed me to look down at that moment, but thank goodness I did and I froze my right leg in mid air to prevent from stepping directly on top of that slithering reptile. In that instant the romantic notion of Florida living when up in flames.

Safely away from snakes and lizards Bear & I joined the family, and after a quick recount of my close call we enjoyed splashing and lounging in the pool. Around noon we grabbed a quick bite to eat poolside as we looked out over the golf course. Afterwards, we tossed on our cover ups, loaded up the Yukon & jaunted a few miles down to the Pointe Vedra Resort. The resort grounds are lush and surrounding beach homes stunning, but I only caught a glimpse of them from the car as I rarely left our fabulous room. During our 3 day stay we were fortunate enough to call this outstanding oceanfront suite home.

Thanks to a kitchenette, separate living room & beachfront covered patio there was no need to leave our little slice of heaven. And the icing on the cake, we were at the very end of the resort so our beach was almost solely ours the entire stay (minus a few clients & colleagues of Hubby's that stopped by).  This graceful home was our neighbor during the stay and a nice piece of eye candy.

Our view from the patio 
YiaYia & Bopi were kind enough to run out to a local grocery store to stock up on necessities (wine & coffee…oh yes food too) while I unpacked our bags & Bear napped. Hubby & Peanut quickly made it to the beach to toss around the football.

Once everyone was settled, we spent the remainder of the afternoon on the beach attempting to keep sand out of Bear's mouth, sun off of Belle's shoulders (poor think broke out in hives) and surf from pulling Peanut's feet out from under him.

Hubby headed off to an early cocktail hour before I accompanied him on a prospect dinner he was hosting. YiaYia & Bopi held down the fort and had each kiddie fed, bathed and sleeping peacefully when we returned. I could get use to this (minus the snakes of course).


  1. Replies
    1. It had been 3yearssince our last beach trip so we were way overdue.

  2. I'm glad you guys are having a good time. A snake? That's scary! I will have to be more careful now! We are going to be in Orlando on Friday :) a couple miles from Disney world :) Have fun

  3. Your children make vacation with three kids look relaxing!

    1. Lol...selective photo editing plus very helpful Grandparents. Without that pair it would be a hot mess.

  4. So glad you are having a good time, minus the snakes;)

  5. Your pictures are beautiful and what a sweet vacation spot! I'm with you on the snakes though. Lizards I can deal with....snakes, not so much...



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