Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Vignettes from Belle's Room Update

While Belle was spending quality time at the Grandparents' houses over spring break, I set to work redecorating her room. She has requested a pink room ever since we moved in. I am not against painting it pink (love that color) it is just painting the room would evolve into new bedding, drapery, artwork…..a slippery slope right?

So instead, I did a major paring down & "pinking-up" of her room as one last ditch effort to provide Belle the pinkness she craved without the paint. I reused the poofs and tulle skirt from her party to create a whimsical fairytale feel in soft shades of pink. Belle was ticked pink (of course) with the changes and dubbed them, "exquisite & breathtaking".  She deserves a beautiful room to wake up to each morning. Lets just hope this infatuation lasts…otherwise I'll be breaking out the roller.


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