Thursday, April 11, 2013

Mickey's Magical Momentos

To make our stay at WDW a little more special, I put together this treasure chest full of treats & surprises for the kiddies directly from Mickey himself. Best of all, everything was found 50% off in the Target Easter aisle.

This cute little chest is actually an Easter basket. When I saw it I nearly squealed with delight…Peanut & Belle have just gotten into Pirates so I knew this would be the perfect vessel in which to deliver their gifts. 

The game plan is for the hotel to deliver the chest to our room shortly after we arrive. I attached a note to the chest from Mickey in which he instructs the kiddos to check the chest daily for a magical surprise.

The chest will arrive filled with ring pops for the older two (one for each day in the parks) and a Mickey rattle for Bear.

On day one, we are headed to Hollywood studios so the boys will receive Cars fans and Belle gets a Mini Mouse watch.

Day two is Magic Kingdom where we will stay late into the night for the electric parade and fireworks. These fun light wands are the perfect treat for the night's festivities.

The third day's treasures are Princess lip gloss, a Peter Pan figurine and a Mickey lovey to enjoy in Epcot.

On our final day Bear will receive this Mickey bib. I ran back to Target and grabbed a Cinderella mini doll for Belle and a Jake & the Neverland Pirates toy camera for Peanut (neither pictured). 

This note will also be included in the treasure chest:

Mickey’s Magical Mementos

Mousketeers E, J, & M-

Meska Mouska your trip has been fun!
I can’t believe it is already done.

One last present for you,
from this little old mouse.
It is a toy to take with you,
 back to your house.

Your Pal-

 I can't wait to see the look of their faces when the treasure chest is delivered! You're only a kid once so why not make it as magical as possible!?!


  1. That chest is the sweetest idea. I love it that it'll get delivered to your room!

  2. I couldn't agree more! Have so much fun!!

  3. We do this too - so fun for them to get little gifts from Micky! I love that you got this for a steal too! LOVE Target! I think we would be fast friends - still I'm up for switching houses ;)


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