Friday, May 3, 2013

Flashback Friday {Easters Past}

This Sunday the B family, along with all other Orthodox Christians, will celebrate Easter. I took a second to look over Easter's past and marvel at how much our family has changed and the resemblance each of the children has to one another. We are so very blessed to celebrate again on Sunday.  I'll be back that night with a full rundown of the day's activities. We are hosting Easter brunch before heading to my sister in law's for dinner so more than likely we'll all be in a food induced comma by night's end. Rest assured, I will recap every marshmallow peep moment.

2008 {Belle 2yrs old}
Miss the pigtail days

Me well rested--lol. If I only knew how good I had it (jk….sort of)

Belle with my nieces.

 2009 {Belle 3/ Peanut 1 month}
Peanut was NOT as easy baby, but very worth it:)

2010 {Belle 4/ Peanut 1: exact same age as Peanut & Bear this Easter}
This photo was taken in our old house.

I die over those little teeth.

2011 {Belle 5/ Peanut 2}

Love the big cheeses

About the time Peanut started to scowl at the camera

2012 {Belle 6/ Peanut 3/ Bear 2 months}

Poor 3rd child

This photo pretty much sums up the first 7 months of Bear's life.

TBD: All I can tell you is it involves seersucker, bow ties & Lilly dresses…. I'm beyond excited!

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