Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Summer Lovin: Family Lake Cottage

The B family is bubbling over with excitement at the prospect of spending the majority of the summer at my folk's lake cottage. They bought the former boy scout cabin 16 years ago. It sits up high overlooking a beautiful, serene lake. Last year, the cottage was rented for the majority of the season so we didn't get a chance to use it much. Thanks to the pestering of one persistent 4 year old grandson, Bopi opted not to renew the rental contract and keep the lake home for ourselves!

So not only will we have the chance to unwind lake side, but this also means a new decorating project…whoot, whoot! For as excited as my kids are to tube & learn to water ski, I am just chopping at the bit to throw some new paint on the walls.

So keep your eyes peeled for cottage update over the next few months. In the meantime here are a few inspirational photos:

This cottage is similar style to our property.  Ours could use a portico over the door and a front deck to make the entry more inviting and user friendly. I am also drawn to the color scheme (our quaint little space has cedar shake too…it is positively charming).

Despite many of the lakes lovely features, it's mucky bottom leaves much to be desired. A setup like this would allow for lounging in the water without having to touch the muck.

By far our family's favorite feature of the cottage is the screened in porch that over looks the lake. I love the design of this porch. The reinforced bottom screen helps keep littles from falling through. And of course the color scheme again is right up my alley; neutral with a touch of blue keeping the focus on the real beauty…the lake.


  1. I adore that lounge seat over the lake - just perfect. Now if I could only workout to achieve that bod!

  2. At my family Cape house we have keep the deck furniture pretty low-key. You can pretty much clean every piece with a hose which is a good thing when three grand-kiddos have just come home from a day at the beach covered in sand! :)


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