Monday, May 6, 2013

Holy Saturday

We put on our Easter best a headed out the door to celebrate the kiddie's favorite liturgy of the year.
I was sure to snap pics of my three little ones looking ever so very darling and dapper.

At liturgy, the priest walks up and down the aisles joyfully singing about the impending resurrection of Jesus all while sprinkling the pews with flowers. And to the little ones' delight, Fr. Peter even sends petals spewing over the choir loft balcony. For the remainder of the service the kiddies happily stuffed ziplock baggies full of flowers. Most importantly though, we all took Easter communion.

After service, YiaYia & Bopi took us all out to breakfast and we ducked into World Market to scope out a new cottage couch (the verdict was "nah" so the search continued).

Back home Belle snapped a quick picture of Hubby & I (not too bad at all) before it was time for the kiddies to dye colored eggs. Belle & I had planned to attend midnight service, but she was simply too worn out. So an early bedtime for all…even the Bunny.

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