Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Mission Organization {Kitchen Edition}

Last week Hubby was on a business trip from Sunday till Thursday. When he's gone, I jump on the opportunity to get some major organizing projects out of the way. Since reorganizing the kitchen is on our 2013 Home Goals, I turned on the TV and set to work emptying ever single kitchen drawer and cabinet. I even tackled the pantry where I found a container of breadcrumbs that expire in 2011…Yikes! Here is a glimpse at some of the before drawers…..a hot mess I know.

We picked up these awesome wooden drawer organizers from Costco for $20 each! I believe they still have them on sale until the beginning of June. These bad boys were my dream come true.

After I carefully sorted through each and every utensil, sippie cup, and platter I used the drawer organizers to help keep things neat and tidy. Here is a look at the same 3 before drawers once my purging and sorting was complete.

I relocated the grill tools and steak knives from across to kitchen to the drawer closest to the deck door for easy access. The middle drawer is for all my serving utensils like ladles, pizza cutters and cheese slicer. The far drawer is full of tools used for fruit & veggie prep: garlic press, lemon zester, orange peeler etc. 

I also created a wine & mixed drinks drawers, baking drawer (pictured below) and a cooking drawer right next to the stove for all my spoons & tongs. The desk drawers also received some much needed organization.

But I have to say my favorite addition is the baking station I created. It make baking so easy now that all my ingredients are located right overhead and not across the kitchen in the pantry. This set up also makes it easier for me to keep inventory of the basics and not over buy.

So that is a quick run down of the kitchen clean up. Happy to have this one out of the way. Slowly but surely things are getting check off the list. The deck has been completed for a few weeks now but the weather hasn't been cooperating for picture taking…fingers crossed I'll be able to share it with you all soon. In the meantime I've been a bust bee inside & can't wait to share some artwork I created, the new living room look and a revamped family room arrangement. 

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