Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mother's Day {2013}

I tried my best to relax during the day so there aren't many pictures of today's festivities. After church we had a lovely lunch with Big YiaYia and YiaYia Terry (Hubby's Grandmother & Mother). Together these two beautiful women raised Hubby to be a truthful, hardworking, loyal and faithful man. I am appreciative beyond words for the amazing man they raised and the devoted Grandmother and Great-Grandmother they are to my children. I say all the time that I have the best mother in law and I truly mean it!!!

Later in the evening, Hubby prepared filets on the grill for dinner and YiaYia and Bopi joined us. It was so nice to step away from the kitchen with a glass of wine and enjoy conversation with YiaYia. 
I can not imagine my life without my Mother. She is courageous, strong willed, principled, beautiful, and an inspiration to me. I am thankful beyond words that she chose to put her career aside and move closer to me. Having her & my Dad here has been the greatest gift of all. I love you Mom and hope you had a very Happy Mother's Day.

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