Monday, June 3, 2013

Living Room Switches

While working on the Dining Room, I had a little detour and started rearranging window coverings and furniture in the living room. Seeing as how the two rooms are open to one another, I deemed it fully necessary to spruce up both rooms.

I rehung the valances I had custom made for the room when we moved in. I had relocated them to our bedroom, thinking that I would prefer drapery panels in the space. I am so glad that I decided to return the valences to the living room…they just add a level of sophistication that the panels didn't. Not to mention the fact the the blue & white paisley print helps pull the blue & white from the kitchen (and now dining room) around the house.

If you have eagle eyes, you'll also notice that I swapped out the rug & coffee table with the family room's. Both look much better in the living room.

The space isn't nearly complete. It actually isn't even part of my 2013 Home Goals, but I sure am loving the new look. More changes to show you all this week!!! It's like a whole new house over here:-) And fingers crossed for good weather so I can finally photograph the deck project too.

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