Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Wedding Weekend

This past weekend the whole family traveled to Toronto for my little brother's wedding (affectionately referred to as Theo N in the blogosphere). After touring the city where my brother & his bride will call home we kicked off the weekend celebration at the Bride's parents' home.

This sweet pup Buddy captured my littles' hearts….they so desperately wanted to bring him home with us. Thankfully, Buddy was an all star at keeping the kiddies occupied so the adults could also enjoy themselves.

My brother's best friend and his wife made the trip up and joined us for the evening.

The following day we enjoyed a leisurely brunch before heading to the church for the 3 o'clock ceremony. These are a few shots I snapped in front of the church before the service. Unfortunately, I didn't have the opportunity to shoot any photos during the service so I'll have to wait for the wedding proofs to share the ceremony with you all.

The reception was chic, classic, & urban…. a true reflection of the couple. During cocktails guests had the option of sipping their drinks at either the indoor or outdoor lounge.

During cocktails the kiddies' good behavior was rewarded with some iPad time, while the adults enjoyed drinks & bites.

The evening continued in the posh dining room with heartfelt speeches, mouthwatering cuisine,  5 arias performed by a member of the Toronto Opera, and quite a few glasses bottles of wine.

 And most importantly, the Happy Couple…..Love you and wishing you all of God's blessings!!!!


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