Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Dining Room Stalled {Motivate Me}

I have just lost all interest and motivation in finishing this project. Maybe it is the nice weather calling my attention to things like gardening, curb appeal & pond repair. Whatever the reason, the dining room's update is slow going.

For a refresher, this is what I started with and up until now I've made a fair amount of progress.

The rug was initially purchased for the living room. Then moved to our master and finally brought back down to the dining room. I love how it ties all the first floor colors together and surprisingly works well with the wallpaper. Plus, it has a lot of movement in it so stains are easily hidden (we do dine in here after all.)

The buffet table is my favorite piece so far. I initially thought of having Hubby build a long table, but instead purchased two adjustable height folding tables from Target. For a small investment of $70.00, I like having the flexibility of using the tables down the road for other purposes along with easy maneuverability to set up a buffet elsewhere in the house or yard.

The skirt is all pinned and ready to go, I just need to sew it…ugh not a task I'm looking forward to. And the accessories have been camped out on top there for months.

The new drapes and chair covers are not feeling much love from me. I think the drapes aren't full enough and the blue ribbon accent isn't the right choice.  The chair covers I've had since we got married and I think I'm just over them. I would die for a set of Chippendale bamboo chairs..swoon. I keep stalking Craigslist as I'm not willing to shell out $1,000 per chair.

I don't want to be a downer though. I do love the relocated and re-staged china cabinet. It now sits on the opposite wall that is much better suited for the piece's size.

And I'm also loving the way light pink accents the colors in the room. I am hoping use pink accents with blue & white pottery in the living room (down the road of course) and maybe there is a way I can tie some touches of pink & navy into the dining room. For now though I just enjoy catching a glimpse of these peonies I plucked from my front yard…heavenly.

So anyone have some words of wisdom for me? Can you kick my tail into gear? Maybe you've hit a wall on a project around your house too and we can commiserate together. Whatever your thoughts, I'd love to hear them.

And sending lots of hugs & prayers to Bestie B who is in labor & delivery as I type….can't wait to meet the little bundle once he arrives.


  1. Sometimes just enjoying the lazy days of summer matters more. My advice, come back to it later when family fun and warm days pass and school and cold weather prevail. In other words, enjoy the break!

    1. True…summer will be over before I know it….sigh.

  2. I think the rug is lovely and the blue and white porcelain might be a jumping off point for more color. Adding more blue and white accessories and artwork with some blue and pink are fairly affordable ways to really tie everything together and easy to remove if you hate them in a year.
    The only other thing I might suggest if you can swing it is a different table. Craigslist is great for that too.

    1. Thanks for the suggestions Kerry. I would love a new larger table. Hubby said he wouldn't be against the idea if we used the dining room more regularly. We have a large family and a generous sized room so a table that seats 12+ would be ideal.



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