Friday, June 7, 2013

Whereabouts & Little Sprouts

Now that summer vacation is upon us, we've been busy going and doing. Last week we took a jaunt up to the cottage and enjoyed some boat time. Unfortunately, storms rolled in and cut our stay short. Hubby & I both had to remind the littles that the summer has just begun and there will be many more lake days to come.

Even though it hasn't made its blog debut, our newly furnished deck is getting tons of use. We've already had a few BBQs and plans are to host Hubby's 35th bash back there.

Some how bedtime has gotten pushed back way too late (ummm 10pm folks!!) yet the kiddies still have energy for daily outings.

Yep that is a June day at the park in fleece! Dear Mother Nature, please take note and adjust your weather accordingly. The plants out front don't seem to mind the colder temps and torrential rains though. I just love how green and lush everything appears.

I am still smitten with the door color and now that the pale pink peonies have bloomed. The color combo is superb!
Sunday marked the official end of the 2012-2013 school year with Greek School graduation….Peanut was the youngest student & the first to receive his certificate from Principal Stella.

He is Here!!! Bestie B & her Hubby welcomed Baby W into the world on Wednesday. Weighing in at 8lbs 12 oz he is a pint-sized perfection:-) Mommy is doing well & happily smitten with her little boy. There is just something different about the Mother/Son bond. Don't you Mommies of boys agree?
And speaking of babies, look who isn't one at all anymore (tears). My baby Bear is finally standing and taking steps by himself. Thankfully, his fever earlier this week was a 24 hour thing…the Dr. told me she though it was hand foot mouth! None of my kiddies have had that, but it just sounds horrifically painful. I was happy to see a smile back on his face today during Peanut's tennis lessons.

Happy Friday Everyone! 

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