Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Patriotic Pillow DIY

Yesterday I spent the day hovering over Hubby (hugs to all of you who asked how he was doing). nursing a stiff and sore back of my own, and snuggling with my littlest little who isn't acting very little these days. All that translates into no fireplace reveal post gals..…. I'm still starring at the ladder and paint cans as I type.

But, I do have a quick DIY 4th of July pillow to share. Now that I have a nice little seating area in the front, I wanted to dress it for the 4th with a flag inspired pillow. Not able to leave home, due to the aforementioned reasons, I hoped online. When the search turned up empty handed, I headed into the basement to see what scraps I could dig up.

Low and behold I discovered a spare cream pillow cover, red fabric from the littles' disney shirts, and a blue "burlap-esque" fabric I used at Bear's Birthday Bash. After a few rustic snips of the scissors & generous dousing of spray adhesive, the pillow was nearly complete.

To finish it off, I broke out the potato stamp skills and added white painted stars to the blue fabric. Now Old Glory is ready to make a patriotic presence out front. As a side note, I plan to bring the pillow inside during rain. But as precaution, I added a coat of scotch guard and wrapped the pillow form in plastic before placing it in the cover.

After my Costco run this morning (I haven't stocked the fridge from our lake trip-yikes) I plan on ducking into Hobby Lobby to purchase a new flag bunting for the front door and a multitude of flags for our pots in both the front and back yards. I'll be back tomorrow to share the houses decked out in the Red. White & Blue.

Anyone else in denial that it is nearly July already!!

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