Thursday, June 27, 2013

4th of July Pretties

Yesterday Bear & I added some fourth flare to the outside. The boxwood pots are sporting flags to greet guests and the neighborhood dog walking gang. I feel in love with a bunting and pull down set for the front entry, but at $250.00 I'm hoping to catch it at a major off season discount. Coupled with my desire to let the paint cure this entire summer before hanging anything on the door; the front is a little toned down, but festive none the less.

 The new flag pillow adds a bright punch of patriotism over on the garage side of the house. It is holding up well…here's hoping it doesn't attract any birdie attention if you know what I mean.

Here is  shot of the whole front…what you hardly notice the decor because of the massive Hawthorn covering most of the house!?! Hubby has been insistent the tree come down since we moved in & now I think it is time. That's a whole different post though people…back to the fourth. 

My sweet lil helper…he loves the "vroom" and getting to "seep". Thanks to the grandparents hanging with the older two, I've been getting to spend lots of one-on-one time with my lil Bear. It is a sweet taste of what it would be like if Bear was our first. (Mommy note to Peanut & Belle: I wouldn't trade either of you for the world.)

Yes, yes back to the fourth….lots of rambling today I know. Out back the three herb boxes are adorned with stars & stripes. And before I start on yet another tangent I should just wrap this post up!  Happy 4th & God Bless the USA.

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