Friday, June 28, 2013

My Latest Loves

Today I thought I'd share some of the things I' currently crushing on. Ready for the rundown!

1. After a 2 year hiatus I am happy to be back in the graces of amazon prime shipping. I am now a mere 2 days away from having just about anything I can conjure up waiting for me on my door step. It would be accurate to say that the UPS truck is quickly becoming the boys favorite "big car".

2. Belle & I picked up the Sensational Gel Polish kit from Walgreens before Theo N & Thea L's wedding. For a mere $50 the kit boasts 10 complete manicures that can last up to 2 weeks each. Since it would cost more than that to get both our nails done for the big day, I decided to roll the dice & give the set a shot.

And after 2 weeks my nails are still going strong. Finding the time to fit in regular manicures is challenging, but having this kit makes it convenient and economical. Plus, no more chipped polish on my lil girl's fingers….one of my pet peeves.

3. And lately I've been using my polished pretties to pop open one of these ruby reds. Nothing beats the heat like a refreshing sip of champagne. These mini cans even come with their own straw, deeming them  "Mommy Juice Boxes" around here.

4. On my Costco binge as Hubby would call it, I finally picked up their fridge organizers and love, love, love them. Our fridge had entered a state of disarray thanks to the constant barrage of sippie cups, cheese sticks, half eaten fruit & other lovelies the littles stuff into it on a daily basis. After a through wipe down and serious purging, organization has returned.

By grouping like items I can quickly locate a food and the transparent color makes it easy to know exactly what I have on hand. I especially love having one dedicated to meat. The set was only $19.99 and contains 4 compartments of various sizes. Besides my meats, I have a designated yogurt bin (our regular breakfast of choice), table condiments bin, and a delicate fruits/veggie bin. 

Really loving this set. It is simple and functional…just want you need in the kitchen.

5.And as for functioning, this poor fellow is not. If you haven't seen this video yet you simply must. It starts off a little slow and then quickly becomes one of the most hysterical 2 minutes of your life. Hubby & I saw last night and I laughed so hard I was crying. 

Alex Under Anesthesia

Happy Friday…we're off to sweat with the lions, tiger, & bears…oh why? At least the kiddies will be happy and maybe we'll stop off at Jamba Juice (if you're scratching your head at the last part, watch the video:)


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  1. That video is so so Funny!
    I gotta try that champagne drink! Thanks for sharing!


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