Thursday, October 3, 2013

A Day In The Life

Out of the many genre of blog posts, my favorite is always the "Day in the Life" post. So since today is my birthday, 29 again thanks for asking, I get to do as I wish and finally write A Day in the Life of Me.

Tomorrow I promise to be back to regularly scheduled programming (i.e.: posts YOU actually want to read). For now though, I'll consider your compliance a birthday gift. And if you've ever blogged a "Day in the Life" post please leave a link in the comments section…I definitely want to check it out. Thanks!

6:58 I am awoken by the sound of Belle in the kid's bath. Usually the alarm on my phone goes off at 5:45, but I realize last night I grabbed my phone to set the alarm, responded to a text from Besties H&J & put the phone back without setting my alarm. Nice!

7:00  Belle & I tip toe into her room to grab her school clothes and try desperately not to wake Peanut who spent the night on her trundle bed. Belle heads to the kid's bath to get ready while I go downstairs to make breakfast. Once downstairs, Belle is ready early so I take the extra time to give her a practice spelling test.

7:40 Hubby & the Boys make their way downstairs. The baby's fever has given way to a walrus barking cough and marks the 10th day I've been caring for a sick little. Hubby takes Belle & the Boys to the bus stop while I clean up the kitchen from breakfast.

8:00 Hubby & the Boys are back from seeing Belle off to school. We head upstairs to get dressed and I have to convince Peanut that wearing a soccer jersey and plaid seersucker shorts is not a good idea. Thankfully his drawers are stocked with track pants, an acceptable alternative, & a potential melt down was avoided.

8:45 Bear & I return from dropping Peanut off at school. I quickly change out of my jammies (thank God for the drop off line) into my workout clothes. Armed with a snack cup full of Snackanimals cereal & a sippie of coconut milk we were off for our morning jog-----3.45 miles in 33 minutes.

9:45 We return from our jog and cool down lap around the subdivision. I grab a quick glass of water before attempting to entice Bear upstairs. Tigger, Monkey, Mickey Mouse episode..nothing works. Finally I carry him screaming upstairs and turn on Dinosaur Train (thank you to whoever decided to combine dinos and trains).

10:00 I'm finally in the shower.

10:02 My beloved baby is at the shower door attempting to break in. He then moves to the  toilet flushing it repeatedly. I yell out, "Go see Elmo on the TV" and he takes the bait. By some miracle I think the red fur ball actually was on! 
10:06 Bear discovers the toilet bowl wandshower over. This is a day I'm thankful for my Keratin treatment & Argon oil.

10:33 We are dressed and ready to head out to the grocery store and I noticed the lil guy doesn't have shoes on. I go to his cubby to grab them & of course they are not put away! A hunt ensues.

10:37 We're off to the grocery store with no list in hand & a plan to wonder the aisles :-) This is not the way I do grocery shopping.  Usually I go on Saturdays (while Belle is at the studio for 2 hours) with a week's worth of meals planned out and a coordinating shopping list in hand. Since last Saturday was the wedding, I'm off schedule & unprepared…bad combo. My co-shopper isn't much help either, he keeps adding items to the floor of his shopping car & then stomping them.

11:27 Groceries in tow, I head to pick Peanut up from school. While in the preschool pick up line I realized that somehow our pick up number is missing. I grab a random flyer of the passenger seat and write down the number 21. Then I doubt myself…maybe it is 27? By the time I'm in the front of the line I just roll down my window and shout out Peanut's name. The teachers there are such angels and they take pity on poor discombobulated mothers like me. 

11:35 Peanut provides in car entertainment and review of the school day's activities. 

11:45 We are back home & I attempt to make lunch with a whining toddler and kitchen full of unpacked groceries….I can feel the stress mounting. Lunch is served. Grilled cheese, broccoli & red grapes for the Boys. Scrambled eggs with hot sauce in soft corn tortillas for myself (easy & full of protein).

12:10 Baby goes down for a nap. I haven't even stepped foot outside the nursery door & Peanut is there waiting for my to play with him. Lunch has yet to be cleaned up nor groceries put away, but I head outside to swing with Peanut anyway….they are only little once right?

12:30 My saving grace Caliou is on. I take 30 minutes to whip out a blog post for the day and
clean up a bit of the kitchen.

1:00 Peanut & I head out to the deck to practice his phonics skills in the rocker. Afterwards, he finishes up his school work and I finally get the chance to return texts messages that are piling up from the morning.

1:45 Hubby returns home from work & heads straight into his office for a conference call.

2:15  We come back inside after Peanut sprays down most of the backyard with the hose….he was suppose to be watering ONLY the garden. I finally tackle the groceries. To keep Peanut busy, I give him an amazon package and a pair of kiddie scissors along with instructions to "go nuts". It could have ended badly, thankfully it didn't.

2:30 The baby is awake. The kitchen isn't finished, but at least one can see the island counter again.

3:00 Belle is home from school & starts her homework. Peanut received the first injury of the day. After a few tears, he seeks comfort on the couch with his lovie. 

3:30 I start dinner, clean kitchen, vacuum floors & pack Belle's lunch.

3:45 Hubby emerges from his office and takes the Boys outside while Belle practices piano.

4:05 Dinner is early today because the kiddies have greek school from 5-7pm. We eat outside enjoying the summer like day. Bear spits out everything I offer & continues to attempt crawling on the table to reach the umbrella. Meanwhile Peanut is serenading us with a variety of songs from Teen Beach Movie. Finally I give up feeding Bear & focus on making sure the older two are ready for class.

4:40 YiaYia Terry & Papou Yiannis have picked up Belle & Peanut for greek school. By now Bear is spent and feeling the effects of the virus we've been battling since last week. We read books, do puzzles & watch a little TV.

5:20 I have plans to meet up with Besties H & B for an early birthday celebration this evening. Hubby takes Bear to watch a junior high football game at the fields behind our subdivision so I can get ready.

6:15 I head out the door for a lovely evening of shopping & dining while my dear of a Hubby manages bed, baths & books for the 3 littles. I finally have the chance to make uninterrupted phone call from the car to YiaYia who called nearly 24 hours earlier.

9:45 It is an early night on account of Bestie H's babysitter. I visit with Hubby for awhile & exchange texts with Besties J, H & B before logging on to work on this post.

11:45 Spent from the days activities, it is lights out. Laying in bed I realize that I either neglected to tell the waiter decaf for my cappuccino or they screwed it up…either way I was up. I finally crashed a little after 1:00am.

There you have it gals, all the gossip worthy details of my day. Thanks for seeing it through and making it till the end, you're the best!


  1. I love these kinds of posts too. And the favorites and how I do it type posts too. I'm so glad you shared because it sounds a lot like my days (it's 2 and I still haven't finished cleaning up dishes from breakfast). Happy birthday!!

  2. Sounds like a busy but fun filled day!

  3. A very Happy Birthday to you!! Looks like a busy yet fun filled day!

  4. Happy Birthday! How you managed to pull that day off and enjoy a dinner out, I'll never know! Hope your day was fantastic! Great post :)

  5. After a day like that, how did you manage to beat us to the meeting location for your fun night out?!? And you didn't order a decaf cappuccino, because I remember thinking you either really needed it or would be up all night, but I'm not one to judge (about that anyway)... :) Happy happy birthday! I'm lucky to have such an amazing friend!!

  6. Happy Belated Birthday to you! Sounds like you had a busy one!

  7. Thank you everyone for the Birthday Wishes. Sorry about all the typos…I accidentally published the unedited post. I went through and fixed them all if you wish to relive my day again--lol



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