Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Parade & Possibility

2013 Costume Parade

Today Peanut had his Halloween Parade at school. He swam his way through the hallway truly enjoying the chance to FINALLY wear his costume.

After school I did my best to quickly throw together a spooky lunch. Given I had a 20 month old appendage for most of the day, this wasn't too shabby.


And the reason for the cutie pie on the hip…..Bear woke up with a fever. After a visit to the doctor, and a temp of nearly 103, we were diagnosed with the "possibility of roseola". 
That means we are in for 3 days of a fever followed by a rash and according to my fabulous pedi, "he'll be crabby as sin."  Sick baby + 2 sugar high kiddies = need for large quantities of wine and a few extra miles on the treadmill. Fingers crossed our pedi is wrong this go around. 


  1. I love the little shark, adorable! We have a Halliween parade too and the girls love it! Boo for a sick babe! I hope he is feeling better ASAP otherwise, bring on the wine!!!!

  2. Super cute lunch!! Did you make the sandwich with a cookie cutter or a special Halloween cutter?


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