Friday, October 25, 2013

October Whereabouts

I can hardly believe October has almost come and gone. Our schedule has been jam packed with family and fun times. 

Last week we went to visit Hubby at work and took the Boys to lunch at California Pizza Kitchen Kitchen…..Peanut has declared it his new favorite restaurant. We had to wait an insane length of time for our meal so the waitress offered us a free dessert. I selected the pumpkin cheesecake & it was aMaZiNg!

Peanut & I had "Mommy & Me" evening at school. I soaked up every moment as he paraded me around the classroom explaining the ins and outs of his day. Here he is drawing a portrait of moi. I'm hoping the round shape is not a reflection of the effects of the aforementioned pumpkin cheesecake.

My sweet nephew Y turned 2 this past weekend. Here are Belle, Peanut & cousins E & Y with chinchillas on their heads at the party. Did you know they are the furriest mammals on earth? I also learned the hedgehogs can have up to 23 babies at a time….there's some cocktail trivia for ya!

We continued the birthday celebrations with Big Papou's (Hubby's grandfather) 94th birthday this past Sunday. How blessed he is to celebrate with a house full of his children, grandchildren & great-grandchildren.

Hubby & I managed to escape into the city (huge thank you to YiaYia Terry & Papou Yianni for watching the littles) and attend our first NHL game that Theo N orchestrated. There were over 20 of us taking in the friendly rivalry between our Blackhawks & Thea L's Maple Leafs. Afterwards we headed out to a bar and enjoyed sitting shoulder to shoulder with the Blackhawk's Coach Q. We contemplated bothering him for a photo, but in the ended opted against it.  I am loving this late night shot of me with Bestie J & Hubby (who was seated in the next booth over the reason for the gap between us).

Finally, this is what homework looks like in the B house. Bear's favorite game is to run up and hug Belle while she sits at the table. He then runs a lap around the first floor (kitchen to dining room to living room to foyer to kitchen) before reappearing grinning ear to ear ready to attack again. How I'm going to miss these days.

Happy Friday everyone! I'm off to prepare for Hubby's Name Day celebration tomorrow. Click here to check out Bear & Bopi's Name Day party last year.


  1. Looks like you guys are having a wonderful October!!!

  2. Wow! Quite a busy but super fun month for you, that's fantastic! We used to go to CA pizza kitchen in Boston a lot, yummy!


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