Friday, October 18, 2013

Friday Funny: The F Word

A little over a week and a half ago my folks took Belle to see a play on a Sunday afternoon. While my sweet, little seven year old stood next to her Bopi at the box office she listened to the conversation he was having with the clerk. Bopi was picking up their tickets from will call and began to spell his last name clarifying, "F as in Frank". And then he turned to my first born, still dressed in her Sunday best from church that morning, and asked, "What other words can you think of that start with F?"

And her response, " Do you want a good word or the bad F word Bopi?"

The mouths of all the adults within ear shot hung open and I'm pretty certain time stood still. Eventually grins emerged and possibly a few small the chuckles. I'm not quite sure what Bopi's response was at that point, but I do know that the story was retold to me with a big smile and the opening line, "This is your mess to deal with."

Now lest you think we are a foul mouth bunch around here (yes, I did immediately recount the multiple times Hubby has let his favorite phrase fly during one sporting event or another); in the world of 2nd grade the infamous, 4 letter F word is :

Disaster averted……for now.

Happy Friday Everyone.


  1. bwahahaaha. I love it! That's a bad word here too :-)

  2. Love this too! We don't fancy that word but yes, better than the alternative! Thanks for the morning laugh :)


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