Monday, October 28, 2013

Polish vs. Patina: What's your preference?

I am a big fan of patina on silver. I adore the look of silver peaking through the the caramelized tarnish. I find it lends a feeling of warmth to an otherwise pretentious piece. But, every 6-8 months my silver get a little too tarnished for even my liking.

A silver bowl holds an assortment of gourds on the kitchen table.

There are numerous silver polishing methods, like those mentioned here and here, but I've always stuck to the tried and true silver polish.  I am quite tempted though to give toothpaste a try next go around. 

After a quick shine, the pieces are gleaming again. The freshly polished tea & coffee service are at home in the living room secretary. While the large service tray is displayed on the dining room buffet.

So what are your thoughts; polished or patina? 


  1. Here is a trick I learned from a silver appraiser. Polish smaller, finer pices with your thumb. Yes, your thumb. You can rub off the tarnish on the surface, leaving the darker tarnish in place. A good compromise. I agree that bright shiney silver can feel a bit pretensious but a buffed polish which leaves the darker tarnish is the crevices may be thae happy compromise between the two. All that said, polished is my first choise..

  2. I like polished but I don't enjoy polishing my silver every year! I wrote a post a while back about using baking soda and tin foil. It actually works pretty well!

  3. I prefer the look of polished silver but I don't have the time to polish it monthly. I hope my kiddos will remember fun family dinner and not the tarnished silver! ;)


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