Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Halloween at Home 2013

Despite my dislike of Halloween there are little ones in this family who are all about free candy and costumes. So when it comes to celebrating in our house we keep the focus on sweet treats and the ghouls to a minimum.

Out front 3 friendly jack-o-lanterns (electric to avoid the combination of fire + costumes) greet guests on the porch. While the front carriage lights are now home to two pairs of homemade ghosts (white floral foam balls covered with squares of plastic table clothes). 

I removed the sunflower from the center of our fall wreath and opted instead to adorn the wreath with a rich autumnal ribbon and quail plumes. It was exactly what this decade old wreath needed.

Inside, the Halloween decorations are contained to two vignettes. On the foyer table dollar tree blackbirds, pumpkins, more ghosts DIYed by the little & myself last year & our beloved Mr. Spider candy dish usher you in. The BOO banner hanging overhead. I crafted it out of a sheet of orange printer paper and black satin ribbon.

In the kitchen, the wet bar houses our "Candy Countdown" vignette. The kiddies love seeing the days tick down to the sugar craze. The small garland of fuzzy black & purple pom poms framing the display  is my favorite decoration of all. There you have it. Our simple yet festive enough Halloween decor. 

So tell me, are you ready for Halloween? The Boys' costumes are ready to go and Belle's is scheduled to arrive this week. Fingers crossed we don't get any last minute changes.


  1. Your house looks so cute dressed-up for Halloween!

  2. It looks perfect! I love the Candy Countdown board! Festive and fun :)


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