Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Checking In {Family Room Progress}

I DID IT! Over the weekend I pulled out the sewing machine and made fall pillows for the couch. I had to diverge from my original inspiration board when the solid orange pillow covers were MIA at Ikea. Instead I used the fabric originally intended for the back deck. The pillows are bold & very effective at adding a burst of fall festivity (read: couldn't live with this much color year round).

The sewing was quite easy using the envelope tutorial and I certainly improved as the night went on. In fact, I even whipped out some tonal grey & white buffalo check covers to replace the orange set once Christmas arrives (yes, I've been planning my Christmas decor in my head since September…can't help myself).

As for the rest of the Family Room To-Dos the list looks like this:

1. Sew on curtain trim. It has been pinned in place for at least 6 months now #decoratingfailure

2. Spray paint the old brass fireplace cover. Last October I had Hubby remove the screen with the intentions of spray painting it black. It has been sitting the the garage ever since. What makes it even worse is the fact that I've purchased all the supplies for the project, I just don't want to deal with tapping off all the glass. Ugh I roll my eyes just thinking about it.

3. Coffee table decor. The massive expanse of brown needs to be tamed with something lovely yet durable. I love Amanda's den table, but I'm not so sure my smallest little could be trusted with such a set up. He is very good when it comes to decorations, but this is his play space too (as this picture can attest).

4. Artwork for over the piano. Surprise, the piano is now in the family room. We relocated it to this corner of the room over the summer. It fills the space perfectly and allows for Belle to practice without fear of waking a slumbering baby. Currently an abstract piece Belle painted is on display.  I would rather move that piece to her room or kid's bath (one small project left before it is done) and replace it with a piece or set of pieces better suited for the space.

5. Rounding out the list is the computer armoire bench. It was in my house grown up (jewel tone plaid anyone?) & I have always been smitten with the great legs on the piece. I think it could really be a show stopper, I just need to figure out how. If anyone has suggestions, I'm all ears. I thought doing a monogrammed box pleated slipcover could be pretty darn fabulous.

So there you have it. I would really love to be able to cross this room off the list before year end, but I recognize that some items like #3 & 4 may take while to come together. In the meantime, I'll celebrate the small victories like the pillows & force myself to tackle the deferred maintenance issues of #1 &2.


  1. This looks great!! Leaving the curtains pinned is totally something I would do :) For the coffee table, what about a removable tray with an orchid, pictures, candles, etc that you could remove and set on the piano some of the time and move to the coffee table when guests come (psst that's what I do since my littles play on the coffee table a lot and they just can't help themselves touching things like that!).

  2. Oh dear! I am so far behind you! How do you get so much done!?! Even though I am beyond jealous of your ability to get stuff done, I thin everything looks great!!!


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