Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Kid's Bath Reveal

After quite a few setbacks and work arounds, I am over the moon to announce the kid's bath is complete. To refresh your memory, this project was more of a refresh than a makeover since we opted to work with what was there including the tile, counters, fixtures, wallpaper & window treatments. These items were all here when we moved in 3.5 years ago and I just set to work freshening up the space.

To start, I painted the vanities SW Comfort Grey, which actually is an aqua/mint. After my initial freak out (big blogger shout out to all you who talked me down off the ledge) the cabinets turned out exactly as I was hoping. The playful color makes the space kid friendly, yet is subtle enough to grow with the little ones as they age. And you all were spot on; mercury glass knobs are just what it needed.

I kept the counter top accessories practical: cotton balls, toilet paper, q-tips, a clock & framed print of our family mission statement.

In the commode area, Hubby removed the towel bar to the right of the toilet. For the life of me I can not figure out why anyone would want to use a towel that was hanging 2 feet from the toilet!?! Especially one that is used by a 4.5 year old boy…need I say more?

To help draw your eye up to the vaulted ceilings (and cover some of the lovely wallpaper) Hubby hung the Lisa Golightly prints I blogged about earlier. I was able to locate the artist on etsy & procure two prints for $22 a piece, quite a savings over the several hundred dollar canvases I originally found on OKL. I am very happy to report that both Belle & Peanut made unprovoked comments that the paintings are of themselves and siblings at the lake. The fact that the subjects are faceless doesn't bother me like I worried it might.

As most do in the bathroom, I used towels to introduce color. I assigned each little his/her own color and this has alleviated the nightly blame game when it comes to wet towels left on the floor. Belle had a set of monogrammed pink towels so I simply picked up 2 sets of navy & teal towels for the Boys.

And to ensure that those newly assigned towel are hung up, Hubby added a set of peg hooks at kiddie level to the wall behind the door. They use to be at home in the mudroom prior to the makeover. I had thought to give the oak finish a coat of paint, but I was concerned it would peel seeing as how these hooks are intended for wet towels. The chalkboard art was a quick addition crafted from a left over bulletin board and some chalk paint.

Last but not least, the bathroom is also home to Peanut's 9 month portrait….quite possibly my favorite piece of the entire makeover. And with that I am marking this bath off the list. The family room is nearly complete (still have to tackle the fireplace screen) and then I'm only left with the dining room. My goal is to have the entire list complete before the Christmas season begins…I better get on it.

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  1. It looks great and that bath tub picture oh my!!!

  2. Looks amazing and I love the way the towels add a pop of color! The portrait is my fav too, adorable! Great work my friend!

  3. Love the mercury glass knobs. We had one of those weirdly placed towel bars, too & just got around to removing ours as well! :)

  4. Oh that picture is just precious! Great job on the makeover!

  5. Great updates! And of course the baby in the bathtub is darling!


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