Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloween 2013

We had a jam packed Halloween. Our day started bright and early with Belle needing to be at school for intramurals at 7:15 am. The Boys and I then spent the morning playing in the basement until it was time to head off to Belle's school parade & harvest party. 

It rained most of the day so the students processed around the halls, rather than the exterior of the school. Afterwards, it was party time. I wasn't a room mom last year and I was so happy to be back in the action this year.

Once school was out we loaded up in the van and headed to trick or treat at the grandparents' homes.

 We rushed home to the neighborhood pre-trick or treat pizza party. Thankfully the rain held off and after a delish dinner Belle, Peanut & Hubby headed door-to-door while Bear and I returned home to hand out candy. 

The kiddies assessed their loot, selected 4 pieces each & left the rest for the Candy Fairy. They are now sound asleep, all the Halloween decor is packed away and it is time to countdown to the Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving morning….where did this month go!?!


  1. I love their costumes! Riley considered being that cupcake but opted for the owl. Looks like a super busy but fun Halloween! I'm glad everyone was healthy! We do the same thing with the candy and frankly, I just want it out of the house! There are only so many miles on the treadmill I have time for these days! Those "fun size" bars add up on this mama!

  2. What a fun day!!! I love the cupcake costume. Random question: what kind of mini van do you have? I'm thinking about crossing over ;)

  3. You made my day seeing "Candy Fairy!" Why did I not think about the "candy fairy" in previous years! Well duh! ha! I did it this year and it was the best decision ever! "She" left each one of the kids FOUR quarters and they were smitten! Who knew! Have not asked for the candy this morning! Brilliant! Now-what do I do with THREE BAGS full of candy hanging in my closet!? What do you do!?

  4. Looks like everyone had a great time! How did you get everything packed away already!?!


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