Thursday, October 17, 2013

New Boxwoods {Planters & Window Boxes}

If you've been a follower of the blog you'll know that I have a thing for boxwoods. Mark my word, one day my entire yard will be rid of the dozens of day lilies and graceful boxwoods will take their place.

So when YiaYia tipped me off that Lowes was clearancing their garden center plantings all I could think was discounted boxwoods. And discounted they were. This cart full of 8 boxwoods and a 1/2 flat of pansies came in under $40.00!

Back home, a pair of boxwoods were put in urns and joined the large of boxwoods on the front steps.
I love the way the leathery, rich foliage pops against the cream trim and helps frame the front door.

Underneath the new topiaries I added seasonal color with delicate fall pansies. The pop of orange & yellow ties all the autumn hues together. I envision swapping out the floral seasonally for a fresh look.

As for the cart full of remaining boxwoods. Peanut flexed his 4.5 year old muscles and carried them all around back for me. Over the summer our deck boxes overflowed with white geraniums and herbs.  I transplanted some of the herbs and then the boxes were ready for the new boxwoods.

Before planting I arranged the plants in various orders and pairs to identify the best grouping. Then it was as simple as digging a hole.
For less than $10.00 per box I have a trio of topiaries to admire year round. And just like the front urns, it will be easy to add a seasonal touches to these boxes. 

I'm already dreaming up some lovely Christmas designs…oh boxwoods + mini white lights = perfection.

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  1. I love boxwoods! In regards to your comment on my blog- you are so right! My dream kitchen ideas all have painted cabinets in common with subway tile! I had not noticed it! Went and looked at my Pinterest board for kitchens and they too are all similar! Xo


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