Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Brunch with Santa 2013 { AKA: Screaming Baby Pics}

Sunday morning the littles awoke to learn that their Advent activity for the day was brunch with Santa. With much excitement and mounting hesitation by the littlest little, we headed to a fabulously, festive feast. We arrived early so we could talk to the jolly elf before the lines formed.

And while Belle & Peanut visited with Santa.
And read him their lists.
And posed for just the perfect picture.
Bear was doing this:
Until I was the worst Mommy ever and made him take this:
Oh I think I deserve a lump of coal for making him sit there. The things we do for posterity's sake. One day he will show his grand babies this picture and thank me;)

With pictures out of the way we were free to enjoy a lovely, leisurely Sunday brunch. With snow falling outside of the nearly all glass room you couldn't help but feel the Christmas spirit.

Between bites the kiddies enjoyed balloon twisting elves and Bear kept a watchful eye on the big man in red.

Eventually, Santa stopped over for a second visit and an attempt at picture #2.

I'm quite sure that is the look of sheer terror….my poor baby!

As the room emptied and Santa prepared for his journey home, we decided to give the photo one last shot….3rd time (and Bopi) is the charm.

Until next year! Oh and in case you're wondering, the screaming photo is going in the frame;)


  1. I LOVE that screaming photo, I really do! Definitely frame worthy! What a fun tradition! The family looked picture perfect!

  2. We do not have a single picture with Santa. Why you ask? Because my 11 year old still refuses to sit with Santa! Oh well!!! ;)


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