Friday, December 13, 2013

Gingerbread House, Christmas Cards for Soldiers & Holiday Happiness


Hubby brought home our first gingerbread house when Belle was Bear's age and the tradition has stuck ever since. As the littles have grown, the concern is less about the appearance of the house and more about the quantity of candy they are allowed to consume.

Case in point, Peanut spent most of the time eating sprinkles and colored sugar!

It was a pleasant surprise to see how focused Bear was on the decorating. Check out the MJ tongue action. He methodically placed red hots all along the roof line and back.

And here is the final 2013 B family gingerbread house. 

Christmas Cards

Last week, one of our Advent activities was to make Christmas cards for service members. This is our second year making cards and it was a family activity we all took part in.

Holiday Happiness

When Peanut was a baby I ordered him and Belle matching PBK Santa hats. Every year in December I love watching their little heads parade around the house wearing their festive caps….it is their own little way of expressing Christmas cheer.

Happy Friday! 

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