Friday, December 6, 2013

St. Nicholas Day & 2013 Ornaments

Today we celebrated St. Nicholas Day with the littles. They awoke this morning to find their shoes filled with gold coins and clementines. While the older two dove into the chocolate, I read them the story of St. Nicholas and the three poor daughters.

We also choose this time to gift the kiddos with their annual keepsake ornaments: a nutcracker for Belle, Santa in a red convertible (like daddy's car) for Peanut, and a rocking horse for Bear.

To help carry over the day's celebration, our advent house activity for today was to fill a stocking and deliver it to some one's doorstep.

 The little were very excited to see all the goodies and a little less than excited to realize they weren't able to keep them. But then, as we hoped would happen, they began to get really into GIVING away these "really awesome" gifts.

Belle & Peanut decided upon a recipient family and the stocking is in route as I type. And a very Happy Name Day to a special and much loved Theo who celebrates today.

Do you celebrate St. Nicholas Day?

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  1. I love this. I keep wanting to remember to celebrate it... but forgot once again :-) xo


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