Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Curbing the Christmas Sugar Craze

'Tis the season for holiday treats and quite often those come with a hefty dose of sugar. In
effort to be a "yes mommy" this time of year (rather than uttering countless "nos") I wanted to share how I've tackled giving the littles their special requests, while avoiding the unwanted side effects of sugar.

1. Portion Control

Last night for a festive dessert I served up peppermint gelato in shot glasses. While hot cocoa in espresso cups lets them enjoy cocoa on a daily basis. Kids are visual and a cup brimming with whipped cream and warm chocolate goodness is delightful no matter the size. 

2. Festive Presentation

Last year YiaYia gifted me three Christmas tree canapĂ© plates as a hostess gift. Their whimsical shape helps make one sole cookie or candy extra special. And when paired with an espresso cup of cocoa that is about all the plate can accommodate. 

3. Details

Flavored marshmallows, a dollop of whip cream, and spritz of sprinkles are all things that make ordinary treats extraordinary.  These special details help focus on the "quality" of the treat rather than the quantity. My kiddies will gladly take a mini cup of "Christmas Hot Chocolate" {dark hot cocoa, peppermint creamer, marshmallows, whip cream and sprinkles} over a mug of swiss miss any day.  

And for picture perfect hot cocoa,  cover the top of your cocoa with marshmallows first and then whip cream. The marshmallows will keep the whip cream and sprinkles from melting into your cocoa. 

Now go forth and spread some sweet Christmas cheer!

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  1. It's amazing when you discovery a bloggy friend would likely be a really great friend in "real life".....I am all about the portion control throughout the busy, festive days! And, the details! Nothing lights up kiddos faces like a little extra pile o sprinkles! :)


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