Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Holiday Happenings

Well we have been busy, busy, busy around here with all things Christmas. Here's a not so quick rundown:

Party Time

Belle attended a Christmas tea hosted by her girl scout leader.

Hubby & I snuck away to the city and enjoyed Bestie J's Christmas party

Dining Room Buffet

Just in time for the cookie party (read: hours before) I finished up the Dining Room table skirt and finally added some Christmas touches to the room.


I love having an elf or two to help wrap. Plus it is a fun way to practice penmanship.


We've been baking up a storm around here: birthday cake for Jesus, gingerbread, cookies, and more.

Tree Destruction

I guess it comes with the having a toddler. He looks so innocent here, but I'm still amazed the tree hasn't toppled over.

 Christmas Tree Pizza

We brought this family favorite back from last year.


Sunday School Pageant

None of our littles were in the pageant this year, but our beautiful Goddaughter was an angel.

Christmas Lights

We took a tour of our town's best and brightest displays (many timed to music). Poor Peanut fell asleep in the car so I snapped photos to show him once he awoke.

And the BEST for last……..
Hubby & I couldn't stop laughing. The picture just doesn't do the lone strand of LED rope light justice. To each his own I guess:)


  1. Love the pics! You really have been a busy girl! It's all so festive and fun! The details really make all the difference! Unless of course you are a fan of your door outlined in a single LED strand of rope lighting ;) Merry Christmas!!!

  2. You are busy but what wonderful times and Memories! Merry Merry! xo


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