Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas Eve 2013

Christmas Eve morning I took Belle & Peanut to see Frozen in 3D. It was the perfect activity to pass the time and one I can see making an annual tradition.

After a quick bite for lunch and a nap for M, we donned our Christmas finery and were ready to celebrate the Holiday. Our family's Christmas Eve festivities are my favorite of the entire year...even more so than Christmas morning.

The littles were in quite the moods as you can tell from the photo below....for the life of me I haven't a clue where Peanut picked up the tongue action. 

Belle age 7 yr, 9 mos
 Peanut age 4 yr, 9 mos
 Baby Bear 22 mos
 Be still my heart! They posed themselves this way!!!
 And pretty much how things go when you factor in 3 :)

After the obligatory photo shoot we were off to YiaYia & Papou's for presents.

Bear "got" the whole present routine this year.

 LEGO Friends!!

 The "Neigh-Neigh" did not disappoint!

And the Nerf was gifted to Peanut but I believe Hubby is having way more fun with this gift than either of his sons!

We have officially hit the stage where if all 3 littles have their eyes open then I consider the photo a success. Here they are with Big YiaYia & Big Papou.

YiaYia & Papou.

Then it was off to YiaYia & Bopi's for our annual Christmas Eve soiree.

Our handsome bartenders were whisking up some tasty martinis. Love that Bopi sported a red bow tie to match his grandsons while Hubby rocked a tartan plaid tie.

My gem of a cousin, Theo T and a tiny photo bomber. Peanut looks like a little terror in these pics, but those of you who know my boys know that he is the farthest thing from it....that title belongs to his baby bro!

Cocktail hour photos session: YiaYia & Bopi

YiaYia & Bopi with the littles.

The B Family Christmas 2013


After the first course (french onion soup made by yours truly), we sat down to open the first round of presents. We have a lovely tradition of opening one round of gifts between each dinner course. This helps the littles stretch their legs during an otherwise lengthy dining experience and makes the anticipation of gift giving & getting last the entire evening. It is my favorite Christmas tradition we have.

The highly coveted Lego Friends cruise ship!

At the end of our 5 hour celebration, it was a gift box that enthralled the littles more than anything else.

We headed home to leave out a plate of cookies & milk for Santa before calling it a very late night.


  1. Looks like a very successful - and busy - Christmas Eve! I love the pic of Peanut and Bopi so much!!! And, the fact that everyone is smiling is quite an accomplishment! Can't wait to see Christmas Day!!!

  2. I love that tradition and how dapper your littles look in their sweet outfits!


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