Saturday, December 28, 2013

Greek School Christmas Pageant 2013

We're not quite ready to wrap up the Christmas posts for this year. The Saturday before Christmas, Peanut & Belle preformed in the Greek School Christmas pageant. They sang, danced & recited their lines perfectly in Greek; well perfect in my very biased & not terrible fluent opinion;)

Peanut was an inn keeper and declared, "No there is no room".

And Belle was a snowflake who spun onto stage sweetly announcing, "I am so joyful I want to dance".

They both sang numerous Christmas carols with their classmates before receiving special treats from Fr. Peter.

Before we left for the afternoon, we attempted one last group shot.

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  1. Great pictures and what a wonderful pageant! Can I just say that your peanut with the Ralph Lauren sweater vest is as cute as they come!!!!


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