Monday, January 7, 2013

Are we done yet?

Without further ado, our 2013 House Goals

Organize & Re-purpose basement.

We began work on this goal already & hope to have it completed by the end of the month.
A more detailed post is in the works.

Laundry Room mini-makeover

Create a better flow & then pretty that puppy up. Read more here

Belle's Room

Our sweet girl has been asking for a pink room since we moved into the house…she has been patient long enough.

Family room finishing touches.

This room is 80% done. I want to add some trim to the drapes & there is an empty corner we're trying to figure out how to fill (bookshelf/secretary).

Put in a vegetable garden.

Last fall I cleared a spot in the backyard to plant a small vegetable garden. With 13 trees back there, it was hard to find a spot that had enough sun. Fingers crossed this works out.

Don't kill aforementioned garden.

Building it will be the easy part…I have anything, but a green thumb.

Furnish deck and possibly convert a small pond into a fire pit.

Last summer we expanded the deck. We spent all summer evaluating how to furnish the space..think we have it down. I'm going to try to convince the Hubs to build a dining table. We need one that seats around 12+ people & those sets run around 3K….remember DIY by Default Ladies & Gents.

Roof (?)

It is cedar and needs to be replaced. Possibly this year if not the following. Need to get serious about a plan of action.

Kitchen cabinet & pantry organization.

Replace pantry shelves with drawers & reorganize some of the kitchen cabinets.

Mini-makeover kid's bath.

This bath will be gutted in the next 5-10 years but until then it needs to be made pleasant to look at.

Dining Room drapery & skirted buffet tables.

Pretty self explanatory. I'm thinking of having Hubs test out his table making skills in here before moving to the deck.

Factor in 3 milestone birthdays (Hubby's 35th, Bear's 1st & YiaYia's 60th), Theo N & Thea L's wedding plus whatever else the year has in store for us & this year's goings & doings have me exhausted already.

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