Thursday, February 21, 2013

Bestie's Abode & My Bear

I've got one more day until Bear's birthday celebration. I am in pretty good shape, but as you all know the last minute details are what kill ya. So while I'm galavanting around town in preparation for tomorrow's big event, I thought you all could take a look at Bestie H's family room/ fireplace make over. Her hubby went away for a ski vacation with his buddies and Bestie H set to work, painting, accessorizing and furnishing the fireplace wall in her family room. You know what they say, "While the cats away…"

Isn't the mantel is fabulous!?! I am so envious of that molding. H also has an amazing gourmet kitchen which I swoon over. And to be fair with my coveting,  Bestie B has the most tranquil backyard oasis (well when you remove our screaming kiddies from the equation) and amazing green thumb. Luckily, they are my Besties so I can lounge and adore these spaces on a regular basis:) To see more of Bestie H's make over, along with before pics check out her blog.

And now I am off to prepare for my baby's 1st birthday (**swipe tears**). Here is a sneak peak of the dessert table in progress:

Have a great weekend everyone….the B family certainly will!

Oh and a big, "Thank You" to everyone who has posted comments the past few days. I've been so busy preparing for the party, but I will be sure to respond this weekend. O


  1. Yes... Bestie B's backyard definitely needs a spotlight feature in it's full glory... so peaceful and beautiful! Thanks for the feature. Love the beginnings of the dessert table!

  2. Oh my that's going to be precious!!!


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