Wednesday, February 6, 2013

The Basement Stats

First of all I have to say that I am truly blown away by all the hits this little blog has seen. Thank you all so much for taking a minute or two out of your busy schedule to come take a peak at the B family home. We're so pleased to have you with us!

OK, on to the basement. This post is more or less a laundry list of sources for the artwork & linens that went into creating this space. No literary prizes to be won here, but important info none-the-less. So here we go.

Drapes & Pillows:

I came across two fantastic tutorials & we followed them almost to a tee.
1. Sewing Tab Back Curtains
2. Envelope Pillow Covers (important to me that I be able to remove & wash the covers)

I have permanently filed these away as "go-to" tutorials for future decorating needs. Especially the pillows..couldn't get any easier and this is coming from a gal who hadn't touched a sewing machine since 7th grade Home Ec.

The fabrics are all Premier Prints and I purchased them at I would not recommend the retailer as I had multiple issues with them and ended up receiving a nearly 40% rebate making my fabric total only $65.00. Add in down pillow forms I bought clearanced at Home Goods and my total is still under $100!!

And while we are on the subject of discounts, lets talk wall art. This lovely measures in at 60" x 30" and cost me a whopping $3.00. While perusing the aisles of the dollar store, I found 20' x 30" foam chalkboards. I brought one home (careful not to bend the edges, which is not an easy feat with a 1 and 4 year old in tow) and immediately realized I needed 2 more. Hubby ran back to the dollar store, which is not at all conveniently located, and procured 4 more boards. I believe we spent more in gas than on the piece of artwork.

Moving right along. The decoupaged, melamine plates ran a grand total of $1.20 (59 cents each for a sheet of scrapbook paper). The tortoise shell was the "splurge" of the room at $40.00 and is part of the Nate Berkus collection at Target.

These silhouettes are my favorite pieces in the room. I am crazy for them. They were created using this fabulous tutorial and for a grand total of $4.25 each.

In the game room, I decoupaged letterpress scrapbook paper to the top layer of an old framed canvas print we had sitting around. Then I glued a paper mache #5 (painted oil rubber bronze) to the center of the canvas. Grand Total: 1.16 paper + 1.64 number = $2.80

The final piece features our family name & established date. I created the image on and then had it printed at Costco for $8.00. The frame hung in Peanut's nursery in our old house.

So there you have it folks. A rundown of the basement, which when totaled came in around $200.00  including items like curtain rods & crafting supplies (modge podge, rubber cement glue, etc.) I didn't aim to do this room on a ridiculously low budget, it just worked out that way thanks to a little creativity and a repurposing. How about you, repurposed anything lately?


  1. Thank you for the inspiration! Our basement as become a bit of a "toy-pit" and now I have some great ideas to reclaim that space thanks to you:)

    1. Oh there are quite a few large toys down there…they were removed for the "staged photos"--lol

  2. Wow! Just found your blog and have been looking through it for the past 10 minutes. So inspiring!

    1. Hi Katie! I'm so glad you found the blog to be inspirational!

  3. I am trying and trying to figure out how to enter a banner in the pic monkey website , I have the Chevron paper but I can't for the life of me figure out to to put something else in the space?

    1. Ok a quick run down of what I did (I'm about the put the kiddies in the tub):
      1. Make chevron background from the pic monkey collage option.
      2. Save the blank collage.
      3. Go to picmonkey homepage & click edit photo. Use the new collage.
      4. On the side bar add the banner you prefer & then the text box.
      5. Crop to the size you want.


      Please come back and post to let me know if it worked or send me an email:)


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