Friday, February 15, 2013

Decorating with color

As I was going through the house collecting all our Valentine's decorations, I made a quite comment under my breathe, "Glad to pack these up" and to my surprise (since comments made under one's breathe aren't meant to be heard by others) Hubby chimed in, "Me too…I can't take the red." Now this comment made my heart flutter a little faster. Proof that Hubby does actually care about decorating and even more so, we are on the same wave length. I turned to him, and smiled. We both agreed that just the little bit of red the Valentine's decorations brought to our kitchen altered the entire mood of our first floor. There was suddenly a force field of energy coming from our kitchen table's centerpiece. And a house with 3 kids under the age of 7 has the boundless energy thing pretty much down.  I packed up the red for next year, with plans to use some of the decorations in the kid's bathroom where an extra boost of energy in the morning is a good thing. 

I then walked around the first floor and admired all the tone on tone neutrals that I've layered into the space. Immediately I felt calm, relaxed & comfortable. I'm coming into my own style. Learning more and more about how texture, color and pattern work together. How about you, what's your decorating journey? Have you learned first hand how significantly color can alter the vibe of a space? Do you need a clam environment or do you feed off the color energy in your space?

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  1. Hi!! Nice to "meet" you! Thanks for leaving a sweet comment! I LOVE your name! Amelia is my six-year-old's name! Looking forward to reading your blog!



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