Monday, February 11, 2013

Family Night: Valentine's Edition

So Valentine's Day is right around the corner. The blog world is bubbling over with Valentine crafts, decor, and food. I though I would jump on the love day post bandwagon seeing as how birthday prep has gone into high gear around here and decorating projects are on the back burner. Today I'm sharing with you photos of this past Friday's family night's tablescape.

I used a simple white tablecloth and centered a red baby blanket in the middle (only red fabric I had in the house). The red heart plates (tar-jay) and "fancy glasses" (as the kiddies have deemed them) were easy, family friendly additions. 

The little cupids were genuinely excited to see this table (mommy note: nice to get some recognition for my effort). I think it might have had something to do with this whimsical little diner.

I'll be back tomorrow with the easiest Valentine's cupcakes. How about all of you, has cupid hit you with his arrow lately? Feeling the love? Do you celebrate holidays multiple times or only once?


  1. What a sweet, kid friendly table! Your heart plates are so fun!

  2. How fun to have the sock monkey poking through the wreath on the Eiffel tower{?} And how could the kids not notice this cute table! I have learned as mine got older that they notice more than you think they do {whoops!} and will tell you about it years later!

    1. Thanks for the "heads up" Jenna. It will be interesting to see what their interpretations are years from now.


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