Monday, February 18, 2013

First Impressions (Evergreen Urn Update)

So my evergreen urns are looking bad. Like I am almost was too ashamed to post these bad. But I want to keep this blog real so I must show. Broken berry branches, brown foliage & haphazard formation is not the look I am after and certainly not an impressive way to welcome friends and family.

We have 30+ people coming over this weekend to celebrate Bear's birthday so I had to make our entry presentable. I've always been a lover of boxwoods. If I could have a formal green & white english garden I would be in heaven. But since the former owner preferred Little House on the Prairie to Pride and Prejudice my yard won't resemble my dreams without a whole lot of work & truckloads of boxwoods.

Nonetheless, I was hoping to start the transformation with the front urns. I wanted to remove the evergreen branches and plant boxwoods. Problem: no boxwoods to be found in February. It appears I'm going to have to hold out until the spring. The cream urns were past the point of help so I simply opted to remove them all together. I rearranged the bottom planters swapping out brown brittle stems for fresher greenery.

After my frozen fingers finished their work.  I stepped back to take a look and was shocked at how much I liked the openness of the top step.

With the cream urns removed you can see the fluted columns and the landing is more open and inviting.

I am thinking I may scrap the boxwood urns all together. Perhaps it is a good thing I can't get my hands on any right now (since I have 100 thing to do for the party and February gardening isn't high on the list).

One thing though that is totally driving me nuts…the front door. It is horrifically orange!

With the urns & holiday wreath removed it screams "1980s" every time I drive past it. I'm terribly scared to touch it though. It is solid wood with detailed carvings. If I mess it up, big time bucks to replace it.

 Anyone have a suggestion? Maybe a darker varnish I could place onto of the stain that is there (thinking the same way lowlites counteract hilites in your hair). Oh but I would love a deep charcoal grey paint. But then does the garage door have to match (it is wood also)? Perhaps I'll head out there with a screwdriver now and remove that brass kick plate. That alone should help tone down the orange.

And since I've dipped my toes into the pool of exterior paint, the thought has crossed my mind to paint our brick. Not anytime soon, it will take a couple years of simmering to decide on that one. For now I'll have to settle for cleaned up urns and possibly a kick plate removal.


  1. Paint it!! As long as it's a paint color and not a different shade of stain it will work just fine with your garage doors.

  2. There's nothing like company's coming to spur us into action. Know that scene, very well!


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